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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Wed Aug 5 22:27:20 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 16:46 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> 'We' refers to the design and production "team" for the desktop spin. At
> the moment, this is mostly me and Jon. Some of the discussion does
> happen off-list, which is somewhat unfortunate.  This tends to occur for
> a few reasons:
>    * We happen to sit in an office within 10 feet of each other
>    * Design is ideally a high bandwidth activity
>    * We often have impromptu discussions
>    * So we can focus and make some decisions (almost always after
> talking with upstream, the Fedora community, other smart people from
> other distributions, etc)
That makes sense.

> I have tried to keep this list in the loop on potentially controversial
> changes, such as the GIMP change.
Thanks for that :-)

> In Fedora, we are not very good at 'crystal clear' and 'formal
> authority', which sometimes has the unfortunate effect of letting
> inertia and diverging interests prevail... The closest you will probably
> get to a 'formal authority' is the first few lines of the kickstart file
> defining the desktop spin:
> # Maintained by the Fedora Desktop SIG:
> #
> # mailto:fedora-desktop-list at
That makes it clear enough for me :-)

So... Back to the theme for F12. If I understand right, you are
completely satisfied neither with Clearlooks nor Nodoka, but deem
Clearlooks to be better candidate for being the default in F12 (for
various reasons stated elsewhere in the thread). Do you have any list
(or something like that) with what you'd like to change in either of
them? I can certainly work on implementing such changes for Nodoka (even
if it won't be default in F12, I'd like to continue with development
both with the current version as well as with the rewrite), and perhaps
might be able to help with Clearlooks as well (no promises though ;-).

> Matthias

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