The Live CD

Hristo Petkov vaeood at
Mon Aug 10 21:58:04 UTC 2009

Hi all,
The live CD is O.K. as it is. 
A flash movie with instructions my be added to the Cover Page of Fedora Project, which is opened by the web browser upon starting.

A hyperlink to the movie is enough. The browser will 'blackmail' the user to install the flash player and after that the user will be able to watch the movie.

A classification of the users may be done as well.

If you are Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Laptop watch this ...
If you are 8 processor workstation watch this ...
If you are Desktop PC watch this ... 
and so on.

The problem is if the user instead of going to the web browser goes to the system terminal or to the package installer, but in that case he most probably will not need to watch the movie with instructions I suppose.

The Live CD will remain at the present state as it is, without any change.

Best regards
Hristo Petkov

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