Roles and Policy

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Aug 17 16:21:55 UTC 2009

2009/8/13 David Zeuthen <davidz at>:
>  1. If the desktop_admin_r group is non-empty, then users in the group
>    are used for administrator authentication - see the polkit(8) man
>    page for details:

Looks groovy.

>    but we probably want to allow installing trusted packages, install
>    trusted updates and remove packages. Without asking for a password.
>    Probably more - Richard?

The policy definitions are listed here,
along with rationale for each choice. Obvious ones to add to your list


>  - For this to be really useful, we need the User Account Editor that
>   Matthias wrote about here

Yes, without a GUI, I don't think many people will know anything about
desktop_admin_r, and just complain that PackageKit now asks for
passwords a lot more than it used to.

So, actions on my part:

1. Make the upstream packagekit policy actions more locked down
2. Add the 4 actions listed above to the PolicyKit rpm list
3. Profit?


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