GNOME Shell support in desktop-effects

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Aug 26 21:52:19 UTC 2009

On 08/27/2009 02:13 AM, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> We have not just removed irrelevant crap from the appearance capplet to
> make room for more....

> This switching mechanism is temporary to facilitate trying out the shell
> while it is in beta. It will go away when the shell becomes the primary
> interface.

Considering that it serves a useful purpose even if it temporary and it
is not irrelevant crap, it seems it would have fit into the appearance
capplet rather than as a separate preferences menu item. It wouldn't
bother me much if not for the fact that there is no categorization by
default and it is long enough not to fit into my screen completely.
That is a very visible item that needs improvement but I suppose the
development is focused on GNOME Shell instead.

> Also, if you use the switch you are complaining about, your menu
> problems will be solved by way of the shell not having menus :-)

I am not complaining about the switch itself but the placement of it.
Using it btw just gives me a blank desktop and all I can is the desktop
background and I have to restart X to get my session back. However
gnome-shell --replace on the command line works and the shell still has
menus in the side bar even though it seems to missing many application
entries. I worked with the shell for a few days, the parts that work are
very well done  but there are still some obvious problems that make it
hard to use it on a more permanent basis. I will keep a tab on it and
write up the details if the issues I see linger. I understood from the
comments on IRC in response to my post in fedora-test list about GNOME
shell that you aren't keen to take bug reports just yet.


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