GNOME Shell support in desktop-effects

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Thu Aug 27 16:35:22 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 03:22 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 08/27/2009 02:13 AM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > 
> > We have not just removed irrelevant crap from the appearance capplet to
> > make room for more....
> > This switching mechanism is temporary to facilitate trying out the shell
> > while it is in beta. It will go away when the shell becomes the primary
> > interface.
> Considering that it serves a useful purpose even if it temporary and itt
> is not irrelevant crap, it seems it would have fit into the appearance
> capplet rather than as a separate preferences menu item. It wouldn't
> bother me much if not for the fact that there is no categorization by
> default and it is long enough not to fit into my screen completely.
> That is a very visible item that needs improvement but I suppose the
> development is focused on GNOME Shell instead.

"Instead" here isn't really an appropriate characterization. It all fits
together. In gnome-shell, you have two options for preferences:

 - they show up when searching
 - you can get to the "gnome-control-center" shell under the user
   status menu.

We might not eventually be using something different from the current
gnome-control-center, but the basic plan will be along those lines.

> > Also, if you use the switch you are complaining about, your menu
> > problems will be solved by way of the shell not having menus :-)
> I am not complaining about the switch itself but the placement of it.
> Using it btw just gives me a blank desktop and all I can is the desktop
> background and I have to restart X to get my session back. However
> gnome-shell --replace on the command line works

Does it fix itself if you wait long enough for desktop-effects to time
out? (I think it's 35 seconds or so now ... give it a minute.)

Can you file a bug about this against desktop-effects in Red Hat
bugzilla (include information about your video card.). I don't have many
immediate ideas why this could be happening, since all desktop-effects
does is run 'gnome-shell --replace' but it definitely needs to be

>  and the shell still has menus in the side bar even though it seems 
> to missing many application entries. 

The missing applications was fixed shortly after 2.27.0 release; I'm
really hoping to get through everything and have updated gnome-shell
packages tomorrow.

> I worked with the shell for a few days, the parts that work are
> very well done  but there are still some obvious problems that make it
> hard to use it on a more permanent basis. I will keep a tab on it and
> write up the details if the issues I see linger. I understood from the
> comments on IRC in response to my post in fedora-test list about GNOME
> shell that you aren't keen to take bug reports just yet.

We certainly welcome bug reports, but:

 - For stuff that isn't packaging, we'd prefer upstream bug reports:
   if the reporter files the bug upstream themselves, they can check if
   it's a duplicate see previous discussion, get updates when it is
   fixed, etc. Which is not available if we are upstreaming the bug
   reports ourselves.

 - It's not too useful to have bug reports on 3 week old packages; I'm
   shooting for weekly releases, though so far I haven't come close to

- Owen

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