No MTA on the desktop

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Aug 31 17:35:49 UTC 2009

On 08/27/2009 10:12 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Rahul
> Sundaram<sundaram at> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Short proposal:
>> Sendmail is a daemon enabled by default forever and ever but it doesn't
>> make much sense for the desktop and we should remove it for Fedora 12.
>> This will save disk space and reduce startup time.
> [...]
>> That is going to go through FESCo and since it is past feature freeze, I
>> think it makes sense for now to use ssmtp in the desktop kickstart file
>> and drop sendmail.
> Using ssmtp is not the same as "NoMTA", but it seems reasonable as an
> incremental step towards doing so.

So, is anyone opposed to this? Can I do it?


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