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Re: Updating Anjuta and Glade -- need some help

>> I am looking for someone who will be kind enough to update Anjuta [1]
>> and Glade3 [2] to 2.25.5 and 3.5.6 respectively in Rawhide. My
>> desktop's motherboard has been damaged and it will take sometime to
>> repair it and I am not in a position to update my laptop that runs on
>> Fedora 9.

> I'll look at it when I do my next round of gnome updates (if it still
> needs doing then...).

Rakesh Pandit (cc'ed) took care of Glade3, but Anjuta still needs to
be done. In the meantime Anjuta 2.25.90 has been released. The
following are the release announcements of the last three releases
that are missing from Rawhide due to a pending libgda update [1]:
Anjuta 2.25.4 released -
Anjuta 2.25.5 released -
Anjuta 2.25.90 released -


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/479298

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