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Wed Jun 3 06:53:21 UTC 2009

Yesterday I read in the posts that some people are working on F10 Desktop to make it a FLOSS Desktop. In my view it is glossy enough, rather than that perhaps it needs CLASS and STYLE. Well, I am not engaging anyone with my opinion.

First, suppose we use the plain background of the desktop ('dark green') with the icons as they are at present - this may be called Classic Engineering (style).

Now, let us change the background to 'Space outlook'. In my view the background is pretty good and shiny, however it does not go well with the icons and we need the general appearance, not only the background. If it is completed with icons of 'that style' (for example the desktop icons to look like famous satellites - Nimbus III, Hotbird 6, Hubble Telescope, etc.) this may be called for example Adventure Style or Scientific Style.

Let us change the background to a flower. The classic icons do not look good here as well. If this background is completed with icons looking like cups of coffee, flowers, chocolates, champagne, etc. this could become a Romantic style.

If we need a Hard Rock Cafe, maybe we should use our imagination to make the background and the icons completed in hard rock stuff, etc.

Guys, if you have any fresh ideas, you may send me an e-mail.

Best Regards,
Hristo Petkov

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