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Re: Some recent changes

> What ( recent changes ) can cause the panel(s) both the top and bottom
> and new panels to lock it self to a single monitor and only be able to
> move those panel between top or bottom in F11

I am not sure what exactly your problem is. I just Alt-clicked on my top
panel and wiggled a little to move it to the other monitor. Worked just
fine. Maybe you are not aware that dragging panels now requires the same
modifier as dragging windows ? I think that change was already the case
in F11...

> What's the best way to report/debug these panel problems ?

Best way to report: bugzilla

Best way to debug: Describe clearly how you are trying to do something,
and ask if something related has changed ? Like: 'I used to be able to
drag a panel between monitors by just clicking on it - this does not
seem to work anymore. Did something change ?' Try to avoid
interpretation of changed system behaviour ('panels lock themselves to a
single monitor') since that only muddies the water.


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