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On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:19:10PM -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> FUDCon F11 Boston -- News Update!
> =================================
> * All of our location information is confirmed -- we will be holding
>   the conference as predicted, at MIT in the Sloan Building.  There
>   will be plentiful space for hackfests and BarCamp sessions over the
>   course of the weekend.
> * FUDPub will be held at Flat Top Johnny's on Saturday night (January
>   10) from 6:00-10:00pm.
> * The wiki remains open for registration.  Please remember to note
>   your shirt size, whether you prefer vegetarian fare for lunch on
>   Saturday, and any other important information (in the "Comments"
>   section).
> * The hotel group rate is good until DECEMBER 19.  After that, it will
>   be up to the hotel to decide whether or not to extend their offer of
>   $99/night.  So sign up now!
> And here's some further news to sweeten the pot -- the One Laptop Per
> Child and SugarLabs communities will be joining us for FUDCon, to
> address areas of common interest like packaging and building for these
> unique projects, and to talk to Fedora community members about getting
> involved.  This should make FUDCon a very exciting event and I look
> forward to seeing everyone there who can make it!

I apologize for following one announcement with another, but I left
out some helpful links and information that could be useful for
community members who don't follow the wiki or planet feed.[1]

FUDCon F11 Boston will be held all day January 9-11, 2009, at MIT's
Sloan Building as previously noted.  You do not need a Fedora account
to use the wiki page to pre-register for the conference:


FUDCon, as always, is free of cost and open to anyone to attend.
Pre-registration entitles each attendee to a complimentary gift, lunch
on Saturday, and dinner and a beverage on Sunday.  

Also, please sign up for a BarCamp or hackfest session.  These
sessions can include any topic around which you want to gather people
to collaborate and learn.  Many sessions are not announced until the
event begins, but pre-announcing them gives other community members a
chance to see more reasons why FUDCon is such a worthwhile event for

Pre-registration will end on or about December 19th, so sign up today.

= = =
[1] The decongestants aren't helping either. ;-)

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