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Increased Bugzilla Activity and Coming Changes

Greetings all bugzilla users,

As part of the bug triage relaunch (announced today by Jon Stanley) you will probably see more activity in bugzilla as triagers start to move bugs from NEW to ASSIGNED and close bugs which have been in NEEDINFO for more than 30 days without any response.

We will be triaging bugs in NEW and NEEDINFO following the process described here http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow which was reviewed and approved by FESCo on January 24, 2008. Our initial focus will be on bugs reported in the past 30 days.

We realize that there have been recent discussion on some of the mailing lists questioning the bugzilla states being used. Until someone gets new states added to bugzilla and someone lobbies FESCo to change the states used, we will follow the process described above. Naturally if we run into big problems (which we do not anticipate) using the states as they are, we will revisit things.

As part of getting a better handle on how Fedora tracks bugs two, proposals are also in the works which Jon Stanley referred to in a previous email.

We will circulate these proposals for feedback and bring them to FESCo for review on 2008-03-13 and request that they be voted on (if necessary) on 2008-03-20. We hope to start executing them soon thereafter. They will also be reviewed at tomorrow's bug triage meeting.

We welcome your feedback and concerns in the sections at the bottom of each page.

1) Clear out bugs for unsupported versions:

2) Apply a consistent process to open Fedora bugs:

Thanks for reading,

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