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Mass Rebuild Status

We're now roughly 4 days into the mass rebuild.  Things are going very
smoothly.  Some interesting numbers:

Roughly 5650 submissions have been made to the build system thus far.

Roughly 4640 builds have completed in dist-f11-rebuild.

Of those, 4585 would be tagged into dist-f11 if we started tagging

Checking the builds in both dist-f11 and dist-f11-rebuild for things
that have been built after the run started shows 2201 builds still
needing to be done.

There have been 505 build failures (these will be posted later broken
down by maintainer), although some of these were due to buildsystem
errors and have been resubmitted.

There are so far 68 packages that failed in some way or another prior to
the build submission that have to be manually looked at.

All in all it has been quite smooth, and I'm very impressed at how well
the buildsystem has handled the onslaught of builds.  At first, ppc
builders were the bottle neck, but the Infrastructure rock stars were
able to bring a couple more PPC builders online.  After that the CVS
server quickly became the bottleneck, slowing down my ability to submit
packages faster than the buildsystem could handle them.  At that point I
broke my script apart and had multiple threads submitting builds at the
same time which enabled me to fill the build queue once again.  We're
down to a final thread, working its way through the p packages (into
perl-H* now).  If the buildsystem catches up, I'll break that further
down into threads.

I expect the builds to finish by Friday or Saturday of this week, and
then I'll start the tagging.  The rawhide report for the next day will
be late, and probably too big to post to the mailing list.  Rest
assured, every package changed (:

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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