Orphans on the chopping block for F12

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Tue Jul 28 22:12:10 UTC 2009

As today is the Feature Freeze, I am preparing to block all the
unblocked orphans.  This is your last chance to pick one of them up.
Those that remain unblocked at the end of my day (around 0000 UTC) will
be blocked.

Unblocked orphan apollon
Unblocked orphan biniax
Unblocked orphan bytelist
Unblocked orphan constantine
Unblocked orphan cryptix
Unblocked orphan drapes
Unblocked orphan elsa
Unblocked orphan flpsed
Unblocked orphan fmit
Unblocked orphan fontypython
Unblocked orphan galago-daemon
Unblocked orphan galago-filesystem
Unblocked orphan garmin-sync
Unblocked orphan gdhcpd
Unblocked orphan gfa
Unblocked orphan gift
Unblocked orphan gift-gnutella
Unblocked orphan gift-openft
Unblocked orphan gimp-lqr-plugin
Unblocked orphan glipper
Unblocked orphan gnochm
Unblocked orphan gnome-audio
Unblocked orphan gnome-compiz-manager
Unblocked orphan gnome-vfs2-obexftp
Unblocked orphan gnubiff
Unblocked orphan goffice04
Unblocked orphan gstm
Unblocked orphan ht2html
Unblocked orphan jcodings
Unblocked orphan jflex
Unblocked orphan jline
Unblocked orphan joni
Unblocked orphan jrexx
Unblocked orphan jruby
Unblocked orphan junitperf
Unblocked orphan jvyamlb
Unblocked orphan kadu-theme
Unblocked orphan klear
Unblocked orphan ldapvi
Unblocked orphan libchmxx
Unblocked orphan libdockapp
Unblocked orphan liblqr-1
Unblocked orphan metamonitor
Unblocked orphan msv
Unblocked orphan musicbox
Unblocked orphan otl
Unblocked orphan pam_keyring
Unblocked orphan pcmanx-gtk2
Unblocked orphan perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse
Unblocked orphan perl-Text-CHM
Unblocked orphan pessulus
Unblocked orphan piccolo
Unblocked orphan pidgin-knotify
Unblocked orphan plexus-container-default
Unblocked orphan plexus-interactivity
Unblocked orphan plexus-velocity
Unblocked orphan puretls
Unblocked orphan pystatgrab
Unblocked orphan python-cjson
Unblocked orphan python-dbsprockets
Unblocked orphan qt-qsa
Unblocked orphan quickfix
Unblocked orphan ruby-flexmock
Unblocked orphan scim-input-pad
Unblocked orphan scim-skk
Unblocked orphan scim-tomoe
Unblocked orphan shapelib
Unblocked orphan skkdic
Unblocked orphan surfraw
Unblocked orphan themes-backgrounds-gnome
Unblocked orphan thinkfinger
Unblocked orphan tomoe
Unblocked orphan viewmtn
Unblocked orphan w3lib
Unblocked orphan wdm
Unblocked orphan wmix
Unblocked orphan wxdfast
Unblocked orphan xml-commons-which
Unblocked orphan xmms-cdread
Unblocked orphan xyz-gallery

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: bytelist
    jruby requires bytelist = 1.0.1-0.2.svn9177.fc11
    jvyamlb requires bytelist = 1.0.1-0.2.svn9177.fc11

Orphan: constantine
    jruby requires constantine = 0.4-3.fc11

Orphan: cryptix
    cryptix-asn1 requires cryptix = 3.2.0-12.fc11
    puretls requires cryptix = 3.2.0-12.fc11

Orphan: gift
    apollon requires libgift.so.0
    apollon requires gift-devel =
    gift-gnutella requires libgift.so.0
    gift-gnutella requires libgiftproto.so.0
    gift-gnutella requires gift-devel =
    gift-openft requires libgift.so.0
    gift-openft requires libgiftproto.so.0
    gift-openft requires gift-devel =

Orphan: ht2html
    jython requires ht2html = 2.0-9.fc11

Orphan: jcodings
    bytelist requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    joni requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    jruby requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11
    jvyamlb requires jcodings = 1.0.1-2.fc11

Orphan: jflex
    opengrok requires jflex = 1.4.1-0.4.fc11
    qdox requires jflex = 1.4.1-0.4.fc11

Orphan: jline
    jruby requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    lucene requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    maven-wagon requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    maven2 requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    plexus-interactivity requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    rhino requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11
    scala requires jline = 0.9.94-0.3.fc11

Orphan: joni
    jruby requires joni = 1.1.3-1.fc11

Orphan: junitperf
    dom4j requires junitperf = 1.9.1-3.2.fc11

Orphan: jvyamlb
    jruby requires jvyamlb = 0.2.5-2.fc11

Orphan: libdockapp
    wmacpi requires libdockapp.so.2
    wmacpi requires libdockapp-devel = 0.6.2-2.fc11

Orphan: liblqr-1
    gimp-lqr-plugin requires liblqr-1.so.0
    gimp-lqr-plugin requires liblqr-1-devel = 0.1.0-7.fc11

Orphan: msv
    dom4j requires msv-xsdlib = 1:1.2-0.3.20050722.3.4.fc12.1
    dom4j requires msv-msv = 1:1.2-0.3.20050722.3.4.fc12.1

Orphan: pcmanx-gtk2
    gnash-plugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    gnome-chemistry-utils-mozplugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    mozilla-opensc-signer requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
    swfdec-mozilla requires /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

Orphan: plexus-container-default
    maven-doxia requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven-wagon requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    maven2-plugin-source requires plexus-container-default =
    modello requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-ant-factory requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-appserver requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-archiver requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-bsh-factory requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-cdc requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-compiler requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-i18n requires plexus-container-default = 1.0-0.2.a8.1.2.fc11
    plexus-interactivity requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-maven-plugin requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-velocity requires plexus-container-default =
    plexus-xmlrpc requires plexus-container-default =

Orphan: plexus-interactivity
    maven-wagon requires plexus-interactivity = 1.0-0.2.a5.2.3.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-interactivity = 1.0-0.2.a5.2.3.fc11
    maven2-plugin-release requires plexus-interactivity =

Orphan: plexus-velocity
    maven-doxia requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    maven2 requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    maven2-plugin-checkstyle requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    modello requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11
    plexus-runtime-builder requires plexus-velocity = 1.1.2-4.2.fc11

Orphan: pystatgrab
    ldtp requires pystatgrab = 0.5-5.fc11

Orphan: python-cjson
    sugar-datastore requires python-cjson = 1.0.5-3.fc11

Orphan: qt-qsa
    LabPlot requires qt-qsa-devel = 1.1.5-6.fc11
    LabPlot requires libqsa.so.1

Orphan: ruby-flexmock
    ovirt-server requires ruby-flexmock = 0.7.1-4.fc11
    rubygem-cobbler requires ruby-flexmock = 0.7.1-4.fc11
    rubygem-rake requires ruby(flexmock) = 0.7.1

Orphan: shapelib
    python-basemap requires shapelib-devel = 1.2.10-19.20060304cvs
    xastir requires libshp.so.1
    xastir requires shapelib-devel = 1.2.10-19.20060304cvs

Orphan: skkdic
    cmigemo requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11
    scim-skk requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11
    uim-skk requires skkdic = 20080904-2.fc11

Orphan: tomoe
    scim-tomoe requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    scim-tomoe requires libtomoe.so.0
    scim-tomoe requires tomoe = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires libtomoe.so.0
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-14.fc12
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires pkgconfig(tomoe) = 0.6.0
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires libtomoe.so.0

The script that generated this page can be found at 
There you can also report bugs and RFEs.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating
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