Please update your Feature Page ASAP

John Poelstra poelstra at
Wed Mar 4 18:55:43 UTC 2009

To increase our chances of a successful and solid Fedora 11 release, all 
new features should now be significantly complete and in a "testable" 

We need the help of a few remaining feature owners to bring their pages 
current or target them for Fedora 12.

According to a review of all the feature pages, the following features 
have not been updated recently or are not 100% complete.  They need to 
be updated by the end of tomorrow (2009-03-05).

If you believe your feature is substantially complete and testable state 
for Fedora 11, please perform the following:
1) Update the % complete and "last updated" date
2) In the status section please also include what remains to be 
completed including your realistic assessment as to whether it is 
possible to complete by Final Feature Freeze on 2009-04-14.

I will be sending a list features with no update to FESCo tomorrow 
evening to be reviewed at their 2009-03-06 meeting.  At that meeting I 
will recommend that feature pages which are not current be dropped from 
the Fedora 11 feature list--

If you believe your feature is not ready for Fedora 11, that is okay :) 
Fedora 12 is only a few short months away.  If you would like to target 
your feature for Fedora 12, please change the page category to 

If your feature will not be ready for Fedora 11 and you aren't sure what 
is going to happen to it:
1) Please change the category of your page to Category:FeaturePageIncomplete
2) Remove Fedora 11 as the targeted release.

I have a watch on all the feature pages.

Thank you for your help,

p.s. this is a follow-up message to: 

p.s.s individual feature owners have also been bcc on this email

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