PLEASE READ: provenpackager reseed

Jon Stanley jonstanley at
Sat Mar 7 02:08:39 UTC 2009

At the FESCo meeting that took place on 3/6/2009, it was decided that
on Monday, 3/9/2009,  the 'provenpackager' group would be emptied and
repopulated with only sponsors in the 'packager' group, who would be
given user status in the provenpackager group.  This was done for a
few reasons:

1) The initial method of seeding the provenpackager group was seen by
some to be arbitrary - any packager who owned 8 or more packages was
admitted to the group without question.
2) Due to 1, the provenpackager group did not have the desired effect
- the removal of ACL's on all but maybe a few packages.

In order for anyone else that is not currently a sponsor to be
admitted to the group, a process very similar to new sponsor
acceptance (however a distinct process) will be put into effect:

1) The user makes their desire to be a member of provenpackager known
to FESCo (they can do this in really any way - mailing list, IRC, file
a ticket, etc)
2) Much as is the process for new sponsors, a discussion will take
place for 1 week on the sponsors list.
3) Based on the input from step 2, FESCo will vote on the individual
in their regular meeting.

Also, any user that becomes a sponsor will also be added to the
'provenpackager' group.

It is anticipated that the volume of requests at first will be
moderately large. This is expected and will be dealt with in the
normal course of business.

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