Reminder: Tagging Policy for Fedora 12

Warren Togami wtogami at
Tue Oct 20 21:27:45 UTC 2009

This is just a reminder about the tagging policy for packages built for 
Fedora 12 past the development freeze.

What Qualifies for Tagging?
* You must have tested the build yourself.  Great shame to be bestowed 
if you break things so close to the release!  Great Shame!
Anything on the critical path list requires two votes from Fedora 
release engineering.  Critical path is loosely defined as packages that 
can break the ability to install or update.  Typically rel-eng might do 
some sanity tests of your package as well, but don't count on them to 
find non-obvious issues.
* Anything not on the critical path list can be approved by release 
engineering with a single vote.
* You DID test it right?

Many Builds Not Tagged, but Probably Should Be
# koji list-tagged --latest dist-f12-updates-candidate
This command shows over 400 packages are built for F-12 but not tagged 
for release.
Currently there are 270+ packages in the pending queue to become Fedora 
12 updates.  Many if not all of the packages requested update at this 
point probably belong tagged into rawhide immediately.  Requesting it 
for updates at this point is problematic because you miss out on several 
weeks of testing only for it to show up as an update on day zero when 
Fedora 12 is released.  Tagging policy might tighten up in the coming 
weeks then it might make sense to push as day zero updates at that point.

How to Request Tagging
Please file requests to have your post-freeze build included here. 
Please include the full Name-Version-Release of your build in the 
Summary of the ticket.  To save rel-eng's time it might be helpful to 
mention a few other details like:

* How important is this?
* How much have you tested it?
* Is it on the critical path list?

Upcoming Deadlines

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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