Upcoming Bugzilla Changes

TK009 john.brown009 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 21:39:31 UTC 2009

The time is almost here to reap the harvest on which so many have toiled and 
enjoy the bounty that is Fedora 12. With each new Fedora release comes some 
Bugzilla housekeeping.  This e-mail is designed to let you know about two things
 happening around November 17, 2009 (Fedora 12 release day) and 
what you need to do, if anything.

(1) We will be automatically changing the version all rawhide bugs to Fedora 12.  
This will result in regular bugs reported against rawhide during the Fedora 12 
development cycle being changed to version '12' instead of their current 
assignment, 'rawhide'.  This is done in order to more accurately tell where in 
the lineage of releases the bug was last reported because over time 'rawhide' 
becomes ambiguous.

Note that this procedure does not apply to bugs that are against component 
'Package Review' or bugs that have the 'FutureFeature' or 'Tracking' keywords 
They will stay open as rawhide bugs indefinitely.

If you do not want your bugs changed to version '12', add the FutureFeature 
If you need help changing a large amount of bugs manually, we'd be glad to help. 
Stop by #fedora-bugzappers on irc.freenode.net and we'll help you.

(2) All bugs for upcoming EOL releases (at this point, Fedora 10) will get a 
comment on release day, explaining that one month of maintenance remains.  
These bugs must move to a later version if still applicable or they will be 
automatically closed in one month with a resolution of WONTFIX.

More about these processes is here:

Thanks for reading,
Edward Kirk
Fedora Bug Triage Team 

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