New entry of Build F12 collection packages for all language translators' review and correction

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Thu Sep 10 07:21:27 UTC 2009

To packagers who are listed below,

New entry will be introduced into the devel-task-list:

"Build F12 collection packages for all language translators' review and 
Start: 2009-09-11   End: 2009-09-14

This entry requires you to rebuild your package with latest translation 
by 2009-09-14, so that a release to be made straight after exclusively 
for translators' review (note, this is different from the entry of 
Software: Rebuild all translated packages). This is for high standard of 
translation quality, and has been accepted on 2009-09-04 by FESCo. The 
detail why accepted can be found at [1]. The detail what to be happened 
at L10N team side can be found at [2].

For communicating and tracking purpose a bug will be created soon 
against each package, as well everyone of you will be pinged for reminder.

Please notice that amazingly F12 has been translated into 52 language 
with more than 40% completion so far, and the percentage as well the 
number of languages are aggressively growing.

Your understanding and action are highly appreciated.
Thank you so much for your support to Localization team.

** The list of packages **
ABRT >> master
anaconda >> master
authconfig >> tip
chkconfig >> master
comps >> HEAD
desktop-backgrounds >> HEAD
desktop-effects >> master
firstboot >> master
hwbrowser >> tip
im-chooser >> trunk
initscripts >> master
kexec-tools >> HEAD
libuser >> tip
multimedia-menus >> master
policycoreutils >> HEAD
pykickstart >> master
python-meh >> master
readahead >> master
redhat-menus >> HEAD
rhpxl >> master
setroubleshoot >> tip-plugins
setroubleshoot >> tip-framework
setuptool >> master
smolt >> master
smolt >> master-smoon
sos >> trunk
switchdesk >> HEAD
system-config-audit >> tip
system-config-bind >> tip
system-config-boot >> master
system-config-cluster >> HEAD
system-config-date >> master
system-config-datev >> docs
system-config-date >> master-timezones
system-config-display >> master
system-config-firewall >> master
system-config-httpd >> tip
system-config-kdump >> master
system-config-keyboard >> trunk
system-config-kickstart >> master
system-config-language >> trunk
system-config-lvm >> master
system-config-netboot >> trunk
system-config-network >> master
system-config-nfs >> docs
system-config-nfs >> master
system-config-printer >> 1.1.x
system-config-rootpassword >> trunk
system-config-samba >> docs
system-config-samba >> master
system-config-services >> docs
system-config-services >> master
system-config-users >> docs
system-config-users >> master
system-switch-java >> tip
system-switch-mail >> HEAD
usermode >> tip


Noriko Mizumoto (irc:noriko) from FLP

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