[fedora-java] Eclipse UI Tests

Andrew Overholt overholt at redhat.com
Tue Apr 5 14:55:40 UTC 2005


I was talking with Billy last night about Eclipse unit tests and I ran the
UI ones this morning.  There are 806 tests and we get 152 Errors and 40
Failures.  144 of the 152 Errors are from
org.eclipse.ui.tests.dnd.DragTestSuite in which Billy said to expect errors
(since this is 3.1M5a I'm testing).

I'd like to set things up to run these automatically (Aaron is looking into
it) and get some hard data that we can work with.

The one thing that bothered me is that the tests took about 43 minutes to
run on my P4 3 GHz with 1 GB RAM.  Billy says the tests take only about 10
minutes normally.  I'll try to spend some time figuring out where the time
goes.  This could have been my machine/setup but they took about the same
amount of time to run on my laptop which is a much less beefier machine so
I sort of doubt it.

This is how Billy taught me to run the tests (for future reference):

. start Eclipse with a new workspace
  eclipse -data testworkspace
. switch to CVS perspective and add the Eclipse repo
  (dev.eclipse.org - /home/eclipse - anonymous - pserver)
. expand the Eclipse repo and expand versions
. expand org.eclipse.releng
. expand I20050219-1500 (the tag for 3.1M5a)
. expand maps
. double-click on ui.map
. note that plugin at org.eclipse.ui.tests=v20050218-1200
. close ui.map and expand org.eclipse.ui.tests
. check out org.eclipse.ui.tests v20050218-1200
. switch to the Java perspective
. once your workspace finishes building, there will be errors in a few
  things ... we only care about the errors in plugin.xml so edit it to
  comment out or remove the two offending lines
. expand Eclipse UI Tests -> org.eclipse.ui.tests
. right-click on UiTestSuite.java and click Run As -> JUnit Plug-in Test
. beside Package Explorer and Hierarchy, you should get a JUnit tab;
  quickly select it and select the Hierarchy tab within before the tests
  start up
. let the tests run without playing with your computer because some of the
  tests rely on focus


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