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Re: [fedora-java] ANN: Linux TestFest

Hi Surendra,

On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 12:32 -0700, Surendra Singhi wrote:
> TestFest on June 17th.  We'll give you the chance to show how good your code
> really is by testing it using our new 'test harness'.  We run 22,000 tests
> per day on over 63 open source components using this harness.  This event
> kicks off our free testing service for the open source community.  Mix and
> mingle with our developers to chat about open source testing.  Hear from
> SpikeSource founder & CTO Murugan Pal on Participatory Testing and our
> architect, Sastry Malladi, about our Core stack product.  Testing
> demonstrations on popular open source software will also be held for
> attendees.  All developers are welcome!  Check us out at
> www.spikesource.com/testfest.html, where you can register and learn how to
> package and test your code.  On June 17th, 3pm, head over to SpikeSource
> offices in Redwood City to receive a report on your test results with
> helpful feedback from our staff.  Lots of free food & beer to go around.
> Heck, we're even hiring.  Should be a real geek fest!  We hope to see you
> there.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it tomorrow (I am in Amterdam/The
Netherlands). But I am really excited about a company that does regular
testing of the free software stacks out there. There are a couple of
things we have developed that are currently not in your stack yet that
would see great benefit if you could add them. If you are able to
discuss this tomorrow with some of the SpikeSource hackers and tell us
how these things can be integrated with what you do that would be really

- There are some parts in your stack that you call "Components Not
Covered By Open Software License" these seem to be the proprietary Java
runtimes. We have been working hard to provide a free replacement for
these and the Fedora Core 4 distribution is the first to ship with them
enabled by default (see the gcj-java-compat package that will install
all relevant tools and libraries).

- For this stack we created the Mauve testsuite
(http://www.sourceware.org/mauve/). This setsuite (more then 25.000
tests in the core library module) is setup like a collection of JUnit
tests. But it predates JUnit by a couple of years so the testharness is
a little different. It shouldn't be hard to adapt it to what you
currently have though.

- A similar effort to what you seem to have setup is the Gump project
from Apache. They are currently running daily tests of Kaffe (an
alternative free software runtime to gcj also based on GNU Classpath)
with various of the projects you are also testing at the moment.
(See http://brutus.apache.org/gump/kaffe/ and more generally
http://brutus.apache.org/) We would love to have another setup of this
using gcj-java-compat tools. And it seems the synergy of this test setup
with your infrastructure would be very helpful.

Please let us know if any of the above projects can be made to integrate
with what you have now already setup. We would love to get regular test
results from you against the gcj-java-compat stack in Fedora Core 4.



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