[fedora-java] Re: FeatureEclipse33 Status

Alphonse Van Assche alcapcom at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 19:27:08 UTC 2007

Andrew Overholt a écrit :
> quickrex (Alphonse Van Assche)
> - things work with 3.3, right, Alphonse?
Yes, I have tested it with the eclipse version in rawhide and it work 
like expect.

> specfile editor (Alphonse Van Assche ... yes, I'm perhaps jumping the
> gun a bit here ;)
> - are we good to get this in by test2, Alphonse?
:) I think, I'm waiting the update of the changelog plugin (2.4.1 or so) 
because of namespaces incompatibility between the current version 
(2.3.4) and the specfile editor.

Btw, I have just finished packaging Remote System Explorer (RSE) 
plugins, I think that there isn't many work to do on it to be able to 
get it right for test2.


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