[fedora-java] FOP for F8?

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at redhat.com
Thu Aug 23 00:34:56 UTC 2007

Karsten Wade wrote:
> I've been watching the progress with IcedTea, and am wondering if anyone
> has plans to package FOP for Fedora 8?
> I guess I should ask the same thing about Saxon. :)
> We have a patch for xmlto in bugzilla waiting for FOP to be in the
> distro so we can set it as a target.  I wanted to get a status to find
> out if we should/could be pushing people to get all the pieces we need
> for a FOP toolchain to produce PDFs from DocBook XML.

Tania Bento is looking into it.  She's already got the latest Batik Beta 
building on IcedTea.  Francis is fixing some IcedTea bugs exposed by the 
Batik testsuite.  I think Tania has now moved on to trying to build FOP 
on IcedTea.  Tania, can you explain your status to Karsten?


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