[fedora-java] Packaging jgoodies-looks and jgoodies-forms

Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Thu Aug 23 13:47:09 UTC 2007

Il giorno gio, 23/08/2007 alle 09.19 +0200, Mary Ellen Foster ha

> Is there anything I should be aware of when packaging jgoodies, or
> should I just go for it. :)
> Thanks,

Last time I've tried looks with classpath it had a crash with
JTabbedPane (if I'm not wrong when
setTabLayoutPolicy(JTabbedPane.SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT), but I'm not sure
about that). It may have been fixed since then, so you may want to check
that, other than that, I remember it was working well, it would be a
nice addition to the java stack.

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