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Re: More loitering process curiosities

>> We've made some progress getting gconfd-2 to exit when a user logs out
>> (see "gconfd-2 does not exit when a user log out, breaks unmounting
>> home" thread).  Now I am interested in turning my attention to some
>> other processes that seem to loiter around after one logs out of a GNOME
>> 2.4.0 session.
>> Pam_mount performs an lsof that claims the processes are still running
>> when pam_close_session is called, but the processes are gone after the
>> user is completely logged out (Unlike gconfd-2, which stayed running
>> for two minutes).
>> The following processes hang around (with $HOME as their CWD):
>> bonobo-activation-server
>> gnome-settings-daemon
>> xscreensaver
>> mapping-daemon

Modifying gdm to kill X before running pam_close_session() seems to fix
my problem with xscreensaver and gnome-settings-daemon.  Right now gdm
does things in the opposite order.  I should have a decent patch for
the gdm folks soon.

Further patching gnome-session to run bonobo-slay rids me of the loitering
bonobo-activation-server process.  Are their any objections to this?

I'm not sure about the mapping-daemon process.  Apparently it is a
component of the nautilus-cd-burner package.  There does not seem to
be a nice facility for causing the process to quit.  From looking at
mapping-daemon.c, it appears that the daemon wakes up every 5000us,
checks to see if it has any client nautilus processes and exits if it
does not.  So my modified gdm kills X/nautilus and then runs
pam_close_session in less than 5000us.

Does anyone have a suggestion for mapping-daemon?



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