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Re: More loitering process curiosities

>> I'm not sure about the mapping-daemon process.  Apparently it is a
>> component of the nautilus-cd-burner package.  There does not seem to
>> be a nice facility for causing the process to quit.  From looking at
>> mapping-daemon.c, it appears that the daemon wakes up every 5000us,
>> checks to see if it has any client nautilus processes and exits if it
>> does not.
> Are you certain that's every 5000us, as in microseconds?
> So this process wakes up, and runs a code loop *every 5 milliseconds*?!
> That'd be horrific for load, if so.

Yes, I was three orders of magnitude off.  Mapping-daemon uses
g_timeout_add to check for remaining clients every 5000 /milliseconds/
(or less often if higher priority stuff is processing).

The result still seems to be that mapping-daemon contines to execute
when gdm calls pam_close_session.



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