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Re: Questions about some default packages Fedora project

> 1. How come we only have a limited number of Window Managers in Fedora?
> i.e only (GNOME, KDE and twm)

Because Fedora at the moment is turning from "Red Hat" to community.
Within Red Hat the business needs didn't favour it. Duplication costs
engineering time. It also annoys business customers who want what they
perceive as consistency.

With Fedora now of course the rules are different since anyone can begin
adding packages (and indeed www.fedora.us has a collection so far, plus
a need for more QA folks, so if your favourite toy is there help QA it)

> Is it possible to make it available to apt-repositories of Fedora?

Should be. The general favourite seems to be yum but apt works too. I'm
not sure if yum direct off sf.net works with all their weird redirect 

> Debian also have several maintainers which takes care of all their
> packages issues. Why don't we have the same concept in Fedora?

That is where a lot of the add on package stuff is heading, and over time
maybe even core stuff.

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