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Re: Questions about some default packages Fedora project

Le lun 03/11/2003 à 19:38, Alan Cox a écrit :
> > 1. How come we only have a limited number of Window Managers in Fedora?
> > i.e only (GNOME, KDE and twm)
> Because Fedora at the moment is turning from "Red Hat" to community.
> Within Red Hat the business needs didn't favour it. Duplication costs
> engineering time. It also annoys business customers who want what they
> perceive as consistency.
> With Fedora now of course the rules are different since anyone can begin
> adding packages (and indeed www.fedora.us has a collection so far, plus
> a need for more QA folks, so if your favourite toy is there help QA it)
> > Is it possible to make it available to apt-repositories of Fedora?
> Should be. The general favourite seems to be yum but apt works too. I'm
> not sure if yum direct off sf.net works with all their weird redirect 
> stuff

Sf has an "ftp-only" kind of service.
We use it for JPackage apt/yum/urpmi repositories (many thanks to the sf
team btw - the eu mirror sucks but the us one is great)


Nicolas Mailhot

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