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Re: AMD 64 support

On Mon, Nov 03 2003 at 13:29,
Justin M. Forbes <64bit_fedora comcast net> wrote:

> I wouldnt say that... people are working on an AMD64 fedora currently.  

Sure, I'd imagine (based on previous mails you've sent) you are one of
those people.  But the fact remains that RedHat Inc. has full-blown
support for a native x86_64 install in RHELv3; yet they haven't said a
word about offering that technology to Fedora.  This is quite likely by
design as they want to see the financial fruits of all their effort before
giving it away to the community they are fostering.

RedHat employees have said they openly encourage people to port Fedora to
other architectures.  So the fedora community can take Fedora where they
want it to go; but RedHat likely won't act as the catalyst for things like
an x86_64 port.  All understandable, its just frustrating in that they've
obviously done the required work; and they are perfectly content with
having the Fedora community duplicate that effort of formalizing 64bit
library and 32bit library coexistance and so on.  For all I know RedHat
will weigh in and advise on such decisions.

So that said, has there been any big picture planning for how x86_64
support will be added to Fedora Core?  A list of which tasks need to be
accomplished, who the stakeholders that will be contributing are, etc.

We may even want a new fedora-amd64-devel fedora redhat com mailing list
for the cause.  Actually it might be nice if a fedora-<arch>-devel
mailing list were created for each architecture the Fedora community deems


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