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Re: Questions about some default packages Fedora project

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 01:56, Didier Casse wrote:
> Hi,
>    I'm new at this Fedora concept and I would like to ask the following
> questions:
> 1. How come we only have a limited number of Window Managers in Fedora?
> i.e only (GNOME, KDE and twm)
> Why don't we include more robust or eye-candy desktops such as Fluxbox,
> Enlightenment, XFCE, etc... ?

How many do we need?  A computer only ever needs one desktop.  Do you
really want Fedora to need 8 CDs to install just to have the option of
installing a "desktop" like Fluxbox or whatnot?

Those things belong in Fedora Extras, not Fedora Core.  (to be honest, I
don't even think we should have all the DEs we have now in Core, but
then we hit religious ground...)

> 2. If we have created some of our own programs, for instance I created
> pdfmerge/pdfmerge4unix (program which merges any number of pdf files),
> [I know it's a small thing but it was just an example! ;-p]
> which is on SF.net, and I wish to make it available to the Fedora
> project/users since it's a useful program. Where do I submit my rpm
> packages to?
> Is it possible to make it available to apt-repositories of Fedora?

Just make a repository and publish it.  Or, when the Fedora architecture
is ready, perhaps it can be part of Core or Extras.

> 3. Why don't we have a lot of packagers available at hand compared to
> Debian? I think all of you are aware that the apt of Debian covers a wider
> range of packages than Fedora/RH.

First, Fedora is brand new.  Of course it doesn't have as many
developers.  Second, I'm not sure Debian's plethora of under-skilled
developers is anywhere near a good thing.  10,000 packages, most of
which are sub-standardly packaged, and the vast majority of which aren't
needed by even 1% of the user base, is a very poor situation.

If people want to make packages, nothing stops them - they can just make
repositories on their own and publish those.  People who need the
software can use them, and those that don't have no need to worry about
needing 8 CDs to install from and mirrors don't have to worry about
being required to carry 100GB of packages.  ;-)

> Debian also have several maintainers which takes care of all their
> packages issues. Why don't we have the same concept in Fedora?

> With kind regards,
> Didier.
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