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Self Introduction : Aurelien Bompard

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Name : Aurelien Bompard
Address : Paris, France
Profession : Sysadmin (graduated from college in June 2003)
Company : Asynux, french Free Software Service Company, Paris, France.

My goals in the Fedora Project :

I've been using Linux since 2000, and I've always believed in a future for
Linux on the desktop. I've always tried to bring people to try linux,
sometimes with success, sometimes not. Until recently, I've been using,
testing and contributing to Mandrake Linux. They have always represented
the desktop version of linux for me. But since the version 8, RedHat, and
now Fedora, has completely catched up with Mandrake in terms of
desktop-friendliness, and in my opinion RedHat and Fedora is miles ahead in
terms of stability, consistancy and standards-compliance (eg :
freedesktop.org standards). I now feel that the distribution I should
advise to new linux users is Fedora, even more since Fedora is a
community-driven project. As my ultimate goal is to help Linux be as
successful as possible on the desktop, I do wish to help Fedora with
packaging and testing.

Historical Qualifications

I have been a member of the Mandrake Linux testing community for about 2
years, following "Cooker" (the Mandrake version of Rawhide), trying to find
bugs, and contributing packages. I have actually been able to contribute
only 1 program, but there are so many already available there ;-)

I have very few skills in programming, mainly shell scripting, Java, and
Python. I've been concentrating on python lately and my skills are
improving quickly :-)

Why you should trust me ? Well, I don't really have any objective reason for
that. I am truly convinced of the bright future of Linux and Free Software.
It *will* become mainstream. The only question is "When ?". And I really
want to make it happen as soon as possible :-)
There are plenty of better packagers than me in the linux world, but you
should trust me for doing my very best :-)

GPG key ID :
1024D/1B4259B3 Aurelien BOMPARD (perso) <aurelien bompard free fr>
Key fingerprint = 4832 1239 8C18 F5F3 C466  AE69 21A6 2396 1B42 59B3
uid            Aurelien BOMPARD (perso) <gauret free fr>
sub  1024g/F1285CAF 2003-02-11


- -- 
There are only 10 types of people in the world :
those who understand binary and those who don't.

Version: GnuPG v1.2.2 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: http://gauret.free.fr


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