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Re: mod_frontpage packaging

Comment inline.
> > We use mod_frontpage for package apache for our RH servers. It is
> > already been included in Mandrake. I wonder can we [fedora] include this
> > as part for distro. If it can be included I would put this request
> > alongwith the package download URLs on fedora [.us?] site.
> > New version of this module can be used as a DSO.
> A couple of thoughts...
>  o  Is "Frontpage" a trademark?

Link to Frontpage trademark:
Somebody really need to check but afaik frontpage extensions are 

>  o  A google search on mod_frontpage shows several reimplementations
>     and lots of security issues as the main hits...

The main issue with frontpage was there was a need to recompile / patch
apache to support frontpage. But now MIcrosoft has released
frontpage2002sr1.1 which does not have this issue. It can be used as a
DSO now. I belive that the old security issues are now absolute.

> > The first might be an issue for fedora.us (we want to be careful about
> > legality); the second is more an issue of taste and might keep it out
> > of Fedora Core even if it went into extras, from a concern for security
> > standpoint.

It ok even its in extras.

> Beyond this, is there even a need for it?

I guess there is. 
1. Madrake includes it.
2. Most if not all web hosting service providers support frontpage.
3. Lot of web developers actually use frontpage to author site while the
sites actually r on apache server.

Personally I dont like it much though I guess above reasons r

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