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Re: OOo missing build req?


The main issues right now with RH9 are libart_lgpl (which I'll fix today
to allow whatever shipped with RH9 and not a newer version) and
Mozilla.  Since the package uses the installed system mozilla, and since
RH9 ships with Moz 1.2 (i think), there are API changes between mozilla
versions that have to be accounted for in the patches.  I simply have
not gotten around to making a new patch for RH9 systems that takes
Mozilla 1.2 into account.  Its not hard at all and I know what needs to
be done, I just haven't gotten there yet.


On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 10:41, Peter Backlund wrote:
> > Are you throwing the build_shrike
> > switch in the specfile too (its not related to the requires problem)? 
> > Did you upgrade your libart_lgpl version?
> Yes on both, rebuilt the rawhide libart_lgpl. This was caught quite 
> early, however the build failed later on due to some complicated error 
> that I don't remember now...but it says in the specfile that RH9 
> building doesn't quite work yet, so I wasn't really suprised :-)
> I could post the error if you aren't aware of any build errors on RH9 
> though.
> /Peter
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