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Development offer

Hi there,

I've just been through the Fedora web site, after reading the RedHat
announcement about stoping support on RedHat Linux.

I've found that the Fedora project was missing some desktop tools, and
especially a  system task scheduler. I had a try of Python/PyGTK a few
monthes ago and wanted to get a bit deeper with this environment. I found
usefull to start learning by contributing to something that will benfit to
the community. On top of that, I'm a Linux user since now 10 years, and
except translating some GNOME guides into french, I haven't contributed so

So, my question is, does someone even start writing any spec/code on a
system task scheduler desktop tool for the Fedora project. If any, and if my
assistance is welcome, then please get in touch with me. If not, then I may
start working on my own side on some kind of specifications.


Xavier Nicolovici

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