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A presentation


I'm new - and old fashioned... I remember the days when, if one joined a
list, it was good etiquette to present ones self. I still do that.

Today's news and various mail from RHN sent me a signal that it was time
to give back a little more. I seem to be one of the few reading /. that
actually understand why the changes underway are happening. And why they
are good. Good for Linux. Good for Redhat. And good for users such as

I have been using Redhat Linux since 1997. I have a habit of installing
it on strange hardware: the first time was on a Mac PowerBook running a
w rez beta copy of VirtualPC. I learnt more about Linux in those three
weeks than I have since. I learnt so much about Redhat Linux that I have
only flirted with other distros.

I ran it on some classic iron for a time. Then I graduated to a Sony
C1XD Picturebook. I still use that on the road.

My main machine is now a hush mini-ITX Epia-M machine. I hope to sell
these machines with a Linux desktop installed (DVD playback is my
current battle).

I don't know where I can help. But I'm here, and willing to do so.


Tony Grant
WWW.tgds.net | Logiciels de gestion de centre d'art | Hébergement de
bases de données en ligne | hush - ordinateurs silencieux pour
bibliothèques, documentations et bureaux

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