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Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus a Question!

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 02:32:45PM -0500, Noah Silva [Mailing list] wrote:
> But, like mandrake's, it is woefully lacking.

One thing I want to see happen is a self-service hardware compatibility
service that makes it easy for users to provide information on the
compatibility they are seeing with their hardware on Fedora, and for
which the information is well-enough organized that you can actually
have good searches for that information.

My basic concept is that there's a lot of information on the system
that you can get at with tools like lspci and dmidecode.  Parse that
into units of hardware and present the user a GUI that lets them
make some easy assignments for how well things work (default is
"don't know" in order to avoid garbage) with definitions for the
levels, and places for comments for each piece of hardware.  Then
this data is uploaded (signed with the user's gpg key?) in a
structured, parseable format (xml?) to a centralized database that
is both downloadable and web-searchable.

Any volunteers?  :-)

(I'm cc'ing the devel list because I've noticed several people looking
for projects lately -- here's a candidate.  If you are interested,
start the discussion, but I suggest keeping it on fedora-devel-list
since fedora-test-list is high-enough traffic as it is...)


 "He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book."
 Linux Application Development                     -- Ben Franklin

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