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Re: Setting Default Theme

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 15:48, moe wrote:
> I'm working up the mailing list food chain for an answer to this as I haven't 
> been able to figure it out...
> What file contains the default system theme? I mean, when you add a new user, 
> they get that theme automatically instead of Bluecurve.
> I've changed a number of files, but they don't do the trick:
> /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
> /etc/skel/.gtkrc
> /etc/gconf/schemas/desktop_gnome_interface.schemas
> /etc/gconf/schemas/metacity.schemas
> /usr/share/themes/Default/gtk/gtkrc
> I have heard a couple of suggestions on ways to try to get around it (e.g. 
> drop some other files in /etc/skel), but I want to do it the redhat/fedora 
> way. Somehow, somewhere ya'll set the theme--where does it hide? :)

http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-redhat-list/ would be the 
right venue for this.

You need to set the three GConf keys (use gconftool-2 with the
appropriate settings, don't edit files by hand .. see the gnome-sysadmin



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