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Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus a Question!

Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> One thing I want to see happen is a self-service hardware compatibility
> service that makes it easy for users to provide information on the
> compatibility they are seeing with their hardware on Fedora, and for
> which the information is well-enough organized that you can actually
> have good searches for that information.

There is two sources of good information: linux-kernel and Xfree86.
Nearly all devices carry a PCI_ID information inside. Linux kernel and Xfree86
usually collect it to load the correct device driver.

This is a big project, and is better to split it in chunks,
basic PCI HW(SCSI, VIDEO, NET...) first and latter more(USB....):

1- HW detection by Anaconda and kuzdzu

pcitable from hwdata package is the best place to begin.
I have done some work and I am waiting for Martin Mares from http://pciids.sf.net
to send updates to hwdata maintainers.

2 - Documentation about HW supported.

Greg KH <greg kroah com> said me in linux-kernel nl that devices supported
by kernel are "already listed in the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE and can be parsed
later by userspace tools quite easily."

Xfree86 :-?

Volunteers? where are python wizards :-) ?

I hope to see some documentation as FreeBSD has:

HTML mails are going to trash automagically

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