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Re: Development Offer

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Anthony Saffer wrote:

> > So, my question is, does someone even start writing any spec/code on a
> > system task scheduler desktop tool for the Fedora project. If any, and if
> my
> > assistance is welcome, then please get in touch with me. If not, then I
> may
> > start working on my own side on some kind of specifications.
> Hi Xavier,
> I've recently started work on a GUI interface to cron and at in Perl. But
> from reading around, it doesn't look like my project will ever make it into
> the release (due to it not being Python source). I think there's a lot of
> room for a good scheduler out there. Good luck!

So one of the requirements for developing for Fedora (in the case of 
config tools) is that it needs to be coded in Python + GTK ?

Like I said previously there is a 'kcron' application that already 
implements a gui frontend for cron. I guess it's not suitable for Fedora, 

I was thinking on taking up on the 'cron' task myself. As it seems to be a
simple project and I'm kind of new to developing for Linux.

The project is simple enough to be handled by a single person. So I guess 
I'll try my hand on something else...


> Anthony
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