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Re: Hardware Database (WAS Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus aQuestion!)

Le mer 05/11/2003 à 08:13, Maxwell Kanat-Alexander a écrit :

> 	Other Implementation Notes
> 	--------------------------
> 	We have a lot of tools that can get data for us:
> 	lspci, dmidecode, dmesg

lsusb, some sort of lspcsi/lsata and the acpi guys will want
/proc/acpi/dst (and some of those can crash a system sometimes)

usb is very important - you can get half your devices hooked on it

I'm deeply sceptical about any gui implementation from scratch - a
form-based tool at first to test what exact information is needed seems
more logical (but I'm not the one writing the code:)

The db could be hosted at a vendor-neutral location like osdl, and a
system "card" accessible via a simple url so it can be referenced in the
various bugzillas out there. (you aren't talking about replacing
bugzilla are you ?)

There may also probably be ways to have per-component views to allow
linking to external info (vendor description pages, bios downloads,
linuxprinting db entry, linux driver homepage,  newsgroup, etc)

Anyway this is a wonderful idea, and it should be shared will all the
other linux project that need hardware dbs.


Nicolas Mailhot

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