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Re: Hardware Database (WAS Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus aQuestion!)

Le mer 05/11/2003 à 11:16, Maxwell Kanat-Alexander a écrit :
> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 01:06, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > I'm deeply sceptical about any gui implementation from scratch - a
> > form-based tool at first to test what exact information is needed seems
> > more logical (but I'm not the one writing the code:)
> 	What sort of tool were you thinking of?

Stupid form with attachements like in bugzilla.
After a few months once everyone has agreed on the exact attachement
list/url list then it'll be time to write the gui client (keeping the
form interface since that's the one you'll need to perform searches and
this way people can report even if the gui tool is not installed on
their distro).

> > There may also probably be ways to have per-component views to allow
> > linking to external info (vendor description pages, bios downloads,
> > linuxprinting db entry, linux driver homepage,  newsgroup, etc)
> 	That is certainly a necessity, I'd think. I wonder how we'd get that
> information -- automate it somehow, or get it from users, or have
> volunteers populate it, or...?

1. Ask it from users each time they add a component without full info
(ie bug users till someone completed all the fields for a particular
hardware id)


2. Send a mail to interested groups each time a component is entered (ie
send to linuxprinting.org when people add a new printer, to ati when
people add a new ati card, etc)

Btw there should probably be a gateway to hotplug/dbus people somewhere.


Nicolas Mailhot

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