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Re: Hardware Database (WAS Re: RH recommends using Windows? plusa Question!)

Hi all

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander wrote:
I believe this may be ideal for firstboot, and also choosable from the
System menu.  Perhaps there are better ideas...

We discussed having it on firstboot. Here's the pros and cons:

	Pro: Doesn't clutter up user space after firstboot.
	Pro: Easy to draw users' attention

	Con: I heard a "nobody likes firstboot already" that may or may not be
	Con: It's hard to determine whether or not hardware works on the first

Just a thought: how about linking to [a page about] it from file:///usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html? That way it is presented to the user when they fire up a web browser for the first time. Everyone should see it. Yet it's simple to get rid of - most people I expect change their homepage anyway. Even if they don't there's no real added annoyance because the application itself hasn't been loaded up.

The only issues I can see here are:
1) It's easy for people to ignore.
2) People have to read about it and then execute the program themselves rather than it just popping up itself.
3) People who don't install/use a web browser won't see it at all.

1) and 2) could be argued as benefits though! :) However, to address the above:
1) Redesign index.html so it looks more interesting. Put clear headings like "Need help?", "Developers", "Updates", etc.
2) Can be lessened by telling people where to look in the system menu to launch the program.
3) This is only an issue if it such people are amoungst those you're trying to target. I would suspect not.

The same could apply to other applications.



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