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Re: A presentation

Le mer 05/11/2003 à 08:16, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :

> > > >>My main machine is now a hush mini-ITX Epia-M machine. 

> Perhaps I'm missing something, but AFAIK both mplayer and xine
> from rpm.livna.org work perfectly. (using myself)

With hardware mpeg2 acceleration? on a M10000?

mplayer uses > 90% CPU and sound drops off very quickly (memory leak)
xine plays video but not sound and without hardware acceleration uses 
> 60% CPU

Via version of xine (VeXP) uses 35% CPU. But it is a buggy as (your word
goes here).

ogle plays sound and not video to complete the list.

The support for Epia M is on its way (I think a certain Alan Cox may be
working on it) but for now the Via stuff has best performance.


Tony Grant
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bases de données en ligne | hush - ordinateurs silencieux pour
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