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Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus a Question!

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Warren Togami wrote:

> As long as the topic contains "Windows" this seems like a good time to
> mention what I saw in recent Windows betas that I thought was a really
> good idea.  When Windows was unable to find a built-in driver for an
> unknown piece of hardware, it searched a database on the Internet. 
> While this mechanism was useless in the AMD64 Windows beta that I tried
> since ZERO DRIVERS were available, I really see the potential for us to
> harness this same idea.

AFAIK it has been in windoze since W2K. I have used it many times. You just
need the NIC drivers installed and working and the rest is pretty much

> In addition to simply submitting data, our system should be able to pull
> up links to more information about the specific hardware that we are
> using.  Very often workarounds exist for problems, and it would save us
> even more time if users learned about them automatically.


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