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Re: RH recommends using Windows? plus a Question!

Le mer 05/11/2003 à 14:37, Julien Olivier a écrit :
> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 13:08, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> > On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Julien Olivier wrote:

> > BTW, offering the service
> > at the right time is quite important.  Say, when the
> > hotplug/kudzu/... fails to configure a device, should offer the
> > user to report that.
> > 
> Of course, that would be very smart and useful.

Gosh, yet another reason to kill kudzu/firstboot on sight.
Let's not annoy users with this ok ?

Enough people will submit this info willingly if the tool is well made
you don't need to force-feed it to users. Last I've seen the pci db
maintains itself well enough without any of this crap.

Put big notices on bugzilla startup pages, default index.html, etc if
you want but do not resort to any M$-like "were do we want you to go
today" automated junkware.


Nicolas Mailhot

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