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AMD 64 support - non techie perpective

As I unwittingly opened the (other thread 'AMD 6 support') can of worms,
then can I make this request.

I'm no Linux guru - I just like what it (RH) has to offer.

I was introduced to and purchased my first and only copy of RH 6.1,
upgrading for free until now the 9.0. One great cooperative system which
must 'cost'
RH quite a number of dollars to support.

I like the familiar RH installer and the 'standard' whereabouts of things,
and am apprehensive of having to relearn if things are to be changed under

Now however I'm feeling a bit deserted on two counts

1 RH changes to Fedora (for me that is) - what happens to update
notifications - does that stay the same?

2 Just as this was announced I 'enhanced' my home system to run the AMD 64 -
now what should I run on it? The new fedora (I tried  it doesn't) or try a
RH9.0 (which I haven't) instal?

RH has produced great products - THANKS - , but as a non guru techie, type,
a simpler fedora interface on the web site to non techie RH users, might
cause less panic, and greater ressurance. Hand holding has always been a
heartwarming component of the linux community and only once or twice has
RTFM been addressed to me.

>From what I've read so far on this thread I think I need to be patient and
just hang on, correct? Do nothing? Don't use my AMD 64 for linux?

I wait for a crash of thunder ...

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