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Self-Introduction: Darryl Luff

Full Name: Darryl Luff

Country, City: Australia, Canberra

Profession: IT Security/Consulting

Goals in Fedora: My aim is that packages for every program I use regularly are in Fedora. I would be happy to do QA once I am really familiar with the process.

Historical Qualifications: I have worked on many small software projects since I started programming around 1984, but nothing huge. I've contributed ad-hoc patches to open source software and documentation as I've found bugs, and maintain the 'gtksql' and 'snakegully' projects on Sourceforge. I have used Redhat Linux continuously since version 3.0.3 and been involved with the online community with BBS's, then Fidonet, and now the internet. I started programming in assembler then went (briefly) to C then 'upgraded' to Pascal and Java. For the past few years I have unfortunately had to use C, although I still don't like it. I also use Perl a lot. You shouldnt really trust me any more than you trust anyone else, but I do appreciate the need for procedures and documentation and why they are important in any project, especially those with large groups of developers.

Good luck all!

[darryll dad darryll]$ gpg --fingerprint 1B8FDF72
pub  1024D/1B8FDF72 2003-04-26 Darryl Luff <darryl snakegully nu>
    Key fingerprint = AD43 1958 D755 8943 8CDD  3C79 1360 C6CF 1B8F DF72
sub  1024g/A2D1C621 2003-04-26 [expires: 2005-04-25]

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