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Re: AMD 64 support


First let me thank you for your detailed, heartfelt insight.  I was
obviously way off base with my comments; and as such made assumptions that
offended you and others.  However, you did lay it on pretty thick ;)

I do appreciate all that RedHat and its' hardworking employees has done.
As is evidenced by a recent flame-war (in defense of RedHat) I started 
on the beowulf.org mailing-list.  I suggested people improve Fedora Core
as opposed to re-engineering/re-building RHEL3 to serve as the base distro
for various HPC clustering Linux distros.


How was I supposed to know if RedHat was or wasn't paying their engineers
to work on non-x86 architecture support during normal business hours?
>From the _outside_ looking in it appeared as though RedHat Inc was
purposely pigeonholing Fedora to be x86-only; which led to my erroneous
speculation.  Sorry for any grief I may have caused you, I *do* really
appreciate all the effort; I can't stress that enough. 

I too _really_ want to contribute amd64 help to Fedora; but my current
project at work is all consuming.. hopefully I'll be able to find some


> If someone wants to make a list of what needs to be done for 
> AMD64, PPC or Alpha, by all means, someone start keeping track, 
> and we can probably put it up on a web page or something.  
> Actually what would be perfect, would be a public bug tracker 
> bug, which links to actual bug reports that are issues needing 
> work.  That way we've got individual problems reported and/or 
> RFEs, as well as a tracker.
> Count me in on AMD64 and Alpha, and many other mad hatters here 
> too.  Dunno who all is interested in PPC, but there are some 
> internal folk.  Perhaps we should have a web page listing 
> interested volunteers per architecture too?  Damn, a wiki would 
> be nice, and I actually hate wikis.  ;o)

Sounds good to me.

> Anyhow, hopefully I've squelched some conspiracy theories, 
> Slashdot FUD, and other bogosities now, and we can all work 
> together on producing real 64bit Fedora Core stuff, and get rid 
> of this x86 junk.  ;oP

You have, thanks!

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