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Re: Question about development languages

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 00:39, T. E. Pickering wrote:
> out of curiosity, how many people out there are using ruby at all?  i
> was a perl hacker for many years and tried to switch to python, but
> even after a couple months python seemed like a slog compared what i
> was used to.  then one day i picked up a ruby book on a lark and
> immediately saw the Light.  its syntax, especially for regexps, is

Heh. I've got a "perl head" collague trying to learn python (not really
willingly) and he's having somewhat hard time trying to grasp a language
where everything isn't based on regexps :) Never had any fondness beyond
"have to do it" in regexps myself, python was a nice, safe harbor from
that particular hell for me.

Oh and yes, this is off-topic in the sense I've never tried ruby, after
python the {&%¤}#%$1'ness of the overall look of the language drove me
away, fast. 

	- Panu -

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