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Re: FC2 release dates

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> Successful volunteer movements typically have an eye out for useful PR
> opportunities. Maybe its not a driving force...but its a mitigating
> one....and something to think about.

I think if marketing were a driving concern for this project, a more 
marketable name for releases than "Fedora Core" would have been chosen. I 
have a classful of students here who just watched me install it. Comments, 
in order, on watching it boot for the first time:

0. Graphical bootup was universally liked
1. Click-through licensing in firstboot was either amusing or annoying, 
depending on the student
2. Universal confusion as to why it said Fedora Core all over the place. 
Even after I explained the Core / Extras / Legacy / etc. business, still 

> -jef"the 5% nation of Casio tones"spaleta

You should've gone for "the 5% nation of harmful free radicals" instead ;-)


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