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Re: location of up2date cvs

> The reason I ask is that i am working on a gui front end for a package
> management system.  I wanted to know the current devel state of up2date.
> My initial work is porting sysnaptic to python/pygtk.  How does the
> development community feel about writing some of the wigets in C++ and
> then wrapping them?  I am looking at doing this for reasons of
> efficiency.
> The package and dependency caches will be based closely on yum (if not
> directly using yum code extended for interactive use)
> On the back side I'm looking a the existing up2date code to allow
> different types of repos to be read and down loaded.

 This sounds like a great idea. A couple of ideas for you.

1. work on learning the redhat-config-packages infrastructure or at
least understanding it.

2. make tweaks to the ui and talk to katzj and bfox about them

3. be prepared for apt repos and yum repos to be the same thing,
hopefully, in the future.


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